Interested in the power of colour to alter mood and mind state, its potential to excite the eye and engage the heart is central to Suzanne’s art. 

Working intuitively, her pieces are abstract, often inspired by a sense of place or time, generally in series, large scale on canvas and board or smaller on paper. She also creates assemblages from fragments of earlier work, one of which was shortlisted for a prize at HOME, Manchester, 2020/1 (see image right). Painting and mono printmaking are  integrated – so a piece which begins as a painterly screenprint is worked into, using a range of mixed media and collage. Each piece of work is unique; Suzanne does not create editions of prints.

Since Suzanne’s first solo exhibition at the Pankhurst Centre, Manchester in 1995, she has exhibited and sold widely throughout the UK.

Her work is in private collections nationally and internationally.

She has a BA in English Literature from York University and both poetry and music are sources of  inspiration.

Painting and creating from early childhood, Suzanne was largely self-taught until graduating with a Foundation Degree in Art and Design in 2000.  She undertook a Complete Printmaker course with Hotbed Press Salford in 2017-2019.

An associate member of Castlefield Gallery, Manchester and  a member of Hotbed Press, Salford, her studio in a former cotton mill in Stockport overlooks the Manchester skyline.

In the following  You Tube video, click here, she introduces work selected for the Flourish Award from the Urban series and expands on the inspiration behind Jazz and Fizz, the Victoria Baths Series, Circles Unbound exhibition and particular paintings.  

If you would like to know more about Suzanne’s work or visit her studio, drop her a text.

Further details about individual pieces of work and prices can be found in the catalogue and downloaded from this website. 

Suzanne Bethell Artist
finalist HOME open 2020/21
In the studio

Sold at the Royal West Of England Academy April 2021


If you would like to visit Suzanne’s studio and see her work, please send her a message.


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