Urban Series

 Inspired in part by exciting developments such as New Islington in the fabulous city of Manchester, this work has an urban contemporary feel with its neon energy, blocks, columns, meshes, nets, metallic, spiralling marks, spheres of light and fluorescence.

With Balance, Urban Explosion and Urban with Orange Eclipse were selected for the Flourish national printmaking award and are currently exhibited at Woodend, Scarborough.

Many of these pieces also formed part of a solo exhibition, ‘Mesh’ at the Pilcrow, in Manchester 2020.  

As a painter and printmaker, I enjoy combining the two processes. Each screenprint is unique in this series although particular shapes and motifs created from handpainted and found material reappear in varied combinations and colours, together with collaged elements which become integral through overprinting. One or two include overlaid, hand painted areas.

It’s a constructive process, placing one shape, one colour on screen. As the image emerges from the pull, waiting to get a feel for what next. It’s addictive, the excitement of discovery as each new layer transforms the previous.

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